Cinder Glassman

The Glassman shrouds his face in a swath of heavy, moth-eaten cloth; rather in the style of nomadic Bedouins of the East. He dresses in road-worn garments remeniscent of caravan traders, and bears a long spear and wicker shield across his back. A hulking


Rumored Past

“It’s said that the Glassman walked across the Sunless Sea with nary but spear and shield. He’s as cruel a slaver as you’ll ever meet, I hear, an’ he’ll just as soon smelt you as look at you.”

There are many rumors surrounding the enigmatic Glassman, though perhaps the most persistent of them is that he lived his breathing years in the Persian Army, under Cyrus the Great in 547 B.C. Cinder himself will neither confirm, nor deny, this particular rumor, though his possession of the traditional Long-Spear and Wicker Shield of the Immortal army is proof enough for many.

Dealings in the Necropolis of Calgary

“Kill or be killed? Perhaps you haven’t noticed, Legionairre, but we’re all dead here.”

The Glassman has been operating out of the surrounding wilds of the Deadlands near Calgary for more than a century, finding more than enough souls to reap to satisfy his agenda; whatever that might be. He has not, to the public’s knowledge, gotten involved in any of the internecine squabbles of the former Guilds, or of the current Legions, so his allegiances remain a mystery. He has been seen to do contract work, however, for both the Grim Legion, and the Iron Legion.

Cinder Glassman

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